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A seriously fun game about healthy living

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Why we created Garfield vs Hot Dog

  • Child obesity increased 47% since 1980.
  • Obesity is directly associated with, heart disease, diabetes, strokes &cancer.
  • This is entirely preventable.
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We believe we can help children discover a healthy lifestyle by providing them with a fun and entertaining game.

By applying appealing gameplay mechanics we will engage a global audience and create massive impact.

The Game

Garfield vs Hot Dog is a seriously entertaining adventure game for children worldwide. We have chosen to create a tablet game based on the Garfield IP to allow maximum reach.

The game will be loads of fun to play, while still being effective in delivering an intrinsically motivating learning experience.


The Garfield project is developed by several organizations, each bringing its own unique experience:

Grendel Games

Grendel Games is an award-winning serious game developer with more than 10 years of experience. Its previous projects include “Underground” and “Gryphon Rider”, which both are fun to play and serve a serious purpose. See

De Friesland Health Insurance

De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar is a major health insurance company in the Netherlands and co-investor in the Garfield project. De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar believes serious games can help achieve their ambitious goals in improving health care for everyone.

Paws, Inc.

Paws, Inc. through which Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield, holds the IP rights to Garfield. As Paws, Inc. is the owner of relevant distribution channels (like they will add to the distribution power of the game.

Grendel team Grendel team



In order to help us reach a mass audience of millions of players, we actively seek collaboration with game publishing companies in all key markets.

The business model for the game is free-to-play. We aim to monetize downloadable content, which allows for revenue share partnerships. If your company can help us bring our game to children around the world, please contact us.

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Scientific Partners

To be sure of the efficacy of the game we collaborate with scientific and specialist partners. Our partners are experts in nutrition, behavioral lifestyle sciences, obesity, healthy lifestyle and games.

With our partners we collaborate on scientific field studies and literature research about different parts of the game. Our partners also perform usability and efficacy tests with the target group in different countries.

With the Garfield game, fun is not all we want to offer the target audience. We want to create awareness about healthy lifestyles and try to change people's behaviour. It’s important that we make sure they know what the game is about, what the effect of the game is and whether the learning objectives are clear to the players.

Besides measuring effects we test if the game is easy to understand and fun to play. This way we creating the game with both scientific and specialist partners and the target audience together.

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If children could learn about balanced nutrition and healthy living in a fun and engaging manner, what would happen?

Many organizations and talented individuals are working hard, every single day, to help prevent obesity. By educating young children through a game, we want to contribute to these efforts in a unique and perhaps unexpected way.

If you believe in this approach, and are involved with obesity prevention, we would like to invite you to become an ambassador and help to raise awareness for the game. Please contact us.

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Health care companies

To really make a difference the game needs to be widely spread. Therefore, we are actively looking for partners - such as healthcare organizations, health insurance companies and special interest groups - to help us achieve this.

Does your organization have the means to distribute the game and an active interest in preventing obesity? Please contact us.

Want to know more? Click here to watch the video.

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